Understanding the Origin of Jazz

jazzMost people including professional artists find it tough to define the Jazz music. You can easily identify with this music when playing but putting it in words is quite tricky. This music operates in a genre that has a great diversity.

Jazz traces its origin in the New Orleans region of the United States and has a high association with the south.

There has been a lot of research to find the original use of the term Jazz, but none has been successful. The Americans refer to it as “the word of the 20th century” due to the difficulty of tracing its origin. You can listen more from this following video:

The music played for several years before using the term “azz” to describe the performance. The word became very popular in Chicago at around 1915. The initial use of the word was in 1913 to describe a baseball which has nothing to do with music.

This music was one of the forms of slang that was common on the west coast. Later, the term was used to describe an individualistic and unique music we refer to as the “Jazz”.

We have so many people who claim to be the first individuals to use this word to describe the music genre. Jazz is one of the most familiar terms that we use to describe a music genre that no one can adequately describe or explain its origin. The music defines itself since there are no words to assist us in making a precise definition.

Some of the subcategories include the Punk Jazz, Acid, Smooth, Jazz Funk, Jazz Function, Swing, Soul, Post-Bop, Latin, Free, Modal, Hard Bop, Cool, Dixieland, Ragtime, and Bebop just to name a few.  The best words to describe Jazz are “unique and individual”. Most Jazz musicians attempt to interpret the music as they play.

The ability to play as you explain makes the audience enjoy live Jazz music than listening to recorded songs. The artist can have different ways of playing the music during the performance, and this is a unique property of Jazz.

The period between the 20’s to the early 30’s was famously referred to as the “Jazz period” where we had the rise of speakeasies. At this time, the older generation saw this performance as immoral. The music had several criticisms including threats of killing a famous musician.

However, this new music stood the test of time by overcoming all negative reactions. Some of the old Jazz musicians include Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, Bessie Smith, and Louis Armstrong among others. These artists helped bring several fans to the Jazz music.

Jazz music assists its fans to relax, rejuvenate and celebrate. This feeling makes some people describe it as moving passion and a strong performance that influences the sense of the soul and body. Paying a visit to a jazz festival or a live music concert is a very enjoyable and enlightening experience.

Jazz is a very popular music that has American routes, and you can experience live performances in events, concerts, and clubs within the region. One of the most popular Jazz Festivals in the United States is known as the DC Jazz Festival or DC Jazzfest. You can search more information about the roots of this music online.