What to Look for While Purchasing Your First Drum Kit

drumsBuying your first drum kit may come with a lot of feelings of excitement and joy. The experience can force you to make several mistakes if you are not careful.

You can also feel confused and overwhelmed if you are not aware of what you should consider before making the purchase. We have a broad range of hardware, cymbals, and drums in the market that can confuse even the highly skilled drummers.

You need to do a lot of consultation if you are purchasing a drum set for the first time. Here are some of the things to put into consideration while shopping for your first drum kit. You can also find more insight from http://www.ebay.com/gds/How-to-Buy-Your-First-Drum-Set-/10000000177635366/g.html.


It’s advisable to make realistic budgetary targets before doing any shopping. The cost of a new drum kit ranges between 200-4000 dollars or more from any retail store.

It’s good to do some online research and determine the type and cost of the drum kit you wish to purchase. You may find the same set costing differently in various music shops.

Most drum sets come in three levels namely the professional, intermediate, and beginners levels. The price changes depending on the model and degree you wish to acquire.

The beginner’s kit comes with everything you require including the throne, cymbals, hardware, and drums to assist you to begin your drumming trip.

The professional kit comes with fewer accompaniments, and this may force you to spend more on cymbals and hardware. Setting a budget assists you to narrow down your options depending on what you can afford.

It can also help you to compare other drum kits that fall within the same price range. There is no way you will get value for your money unless you do a proper research.

Electric vs. Acoustic

You can either purchase an acoustic or electric drum kit. The acoustic set offers you a traditional feel, sound, and looks that you may love.

However, acoustic drums may not be applicable in some living situations because they are big and produce a loud sound. On the contrary, electric drums are quiet and compact, and this makes them very optimal in places that have volume issues.

You can also experiment with different sound using electronic drums. Some of these sounds may not be easily accessible. Most of these sound options are virtually endless with the modern technology.

You will still receive a great sound whether you opt for the modern vibe electric drum or the traditional acoustic kit. The goodness is that both sets allow you to play your music.

You can view this video to find out the difference between the two:

New vs. Used Drum Kits

You can either go for a new or second-hand drum kit. There are several music sites that trade, sell or purchase music equipment locally.

The primary advantage of buying a used drum set instead of a new one is the price. The main advantage of making online purchases is that you get the opportunity to bargain the price.

Most retail stores allow you to pay the amount stated on the price tag. As you go through the classifieds, be keen to ensure that anything you purchase is similar to what is in the listing ads. You can do some small servicing to a used kit, and it will be as good as new.


Having gone through all this, I believe you are well enough informed to purchase your first set of the drum kit. The most important thing is that you have to buy the right drum set for your purpose.

However, there are some attachments you may not require as a beginner. You simply need to know what you are looking for and set a budget. Always aspire to get a kit that will motivate and inspire you if you wish to grow in music.