A Brief Review of the Disney Frozen Karaoke Machine

karaoke machineThe Disney Frozen Karaoke Machine is one of the easy to use Karaoke machines that have a unique design for children usage. This playing device has flashlights that keep on entertaining children as they sing along their favorite lyrics.

The singing device comes along with a bonus lyric booklet and CDG + G that features hit songs from the movies ‘Do you want to build a snowman’ and ‘Let it go’.

It has a 5-inch monitor that scrolls the music, and this makes it fun for kids to sing along with the famous Disney karaoke songs. It also has enhanced vocal effects that add fun to the performance.

The buttons are located in front of the machine to adjust the volumes and control the tracks among other functions. It has buttons to turn the lights on and off, repeat, pause, and play the tracks. It has built in speakers if you are looking for a portable sound machine.

The dimension of this frozen karaoke machine is 9’’L, by 10” W and 12” H. It is indeed a tiny and portable karaoke singing machine.

This device is a cheap price karaoke machine as it is manufactured from plastic. The Disney Frozen Karaoke singing machine has a very low volume in comparison to the microphone volume.

The advantage of small volumes is that your kids cannot blast it around. The advantage is that it has an audio out option, and hence you can connect it to an external audio source to enhance the volume. The machine can be a lovely Christmas or birthday gift for your kids.

The device is compatible with an Android phone, and you can purchase an extra CD + G, which works with the system perfectly.

This karaoke machine plays regular CDS, but the challenge is that it does not scroll on the monitor. It has a beautiful docking station where you can place your iPad or tablet and a smaller swinging one for your iPod or phone.

It forms an excellent playing machine for home entertainment. The machine also has an advanced echo effect for adding an echo and an AVC knob as well as a balance.

The Disney Frozen Karaoke Machine has holders that are compatible with your iPhone or iPad. It has several sources of music such as tablet device, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and an inbuilt CD player.

The karaoke machine also features a hand-held microphone, AV cable, and a one year warranty period. It has dual microphone input which allows you to use two microphones simultaneously. Your child can sing along with his or her favorite friend.

The karaoke machine is excellent as it supports a duet. You only get one microphone upon purchasing the equipment, and you have to buy additional ones separately. You can gain more insight from:

Most clients complain that this singing machine has a short lifespan. The machine is not sturdy enough for children usage. Remember it is manufactured from the plastic material which can easily break if it falls on the ground.

However, we have a good number of users who are euphoric with the performance of this machine. Given the price and features of this singing instrument, I believe that it is worth what you pay. You can visit the manufacturers’ website to learn more features of this product.