Common Mistakes that Upcoming Singers Make on Stage

singer on stageAs an artist, there is no way you will succeed in your singing career unless you understand some of the common novice mistakes your counterparts make and learn to correct them. You cannot work on something that you are not aware.

This article presents the common errors that upcoming artists make on stage. However, you can visit if you wish to gain more knowledge in the music industry.

Not knowing the upcoming song

There is nothing that is as bad as not knowing the next song during a performance. You will appear to be unprofessional and create a lot of discomfort among your audience if you don’t understand your playlist.

You can keep your list of songs on the floor or music stand to avoid any form of confusion. This will enhance your confidence and prove that you are in control of your band during any performance.

You can get some great advice on how to develop your singing skills from the video below:

Ability to Speak between Songs

You will agree with me that most audiences have funny expectations. You may have a fantastic sound band with great songs, but they want to hear what you have to say.

You should learn the art of telling stories about each song you present. You can talk something about the composer or the song itself. If it is your composition, inform the audience why you wrote the song and the unique thing about the performance.

Not being sure on how to direct the Band

Any lead singer should be in a position to count for his or her band as each song starts. You should also have the experience on how to direct your band as the song comes to an end. I have come across lead singers who leave this to other musicians in the band or the drummer.

Even though not all songs need a count in, we have some tunes that require the lead singer to start them. Most audiences like artists who signal with a wave from their arms whenever a song is coming to the end.

This action also creates theatrics which is magnificent for any performance. You can learn more by watching some local bands or a live concert. Make sure you inform your band mates before incorporating this aspect into the stage performance.

Lack of understanding of how to use your hands

Most upcoming musicians have this problem. As a singer, you will always hold your microphone with one hand while the other hand remains free.

However, this is not usually the case if you are playing an instrument. It looks very awkward if you don’t know what to do with your hand. You need to study what other artists do with their hands and learn from them.

You can practice in the house in front of a mirror and implement these movements during your rehearsals. You can begin with simple movements such as moving the microphone from one hand to the other, holding the stand with one hand or waving to your audience.

These movements will begin to feel and look more natural as you gain confidence.

Proper dressing

The truth of the matter is that the audience always makes judgments on the artist. However, women receive more scrutiny than their male counterparts. Famous artists have a high likelihood of getting away with anything.

As a beginning artist, you should make sure that you dress appropriately for the occasion. The casual dressing for a bar atmosphere may not go on well with a corporate or restaurant performance.

It’s better to consult on the dress code before making any performance.