Tenor Learning Tips for Beginners

tenor-tips A tenor is the male high pitch vocal that singer’s use in musical arrangements like Broadway and Opera musicals. Professionals divide this vocal tone into tenor one and tenor two where lower one requires a much lower pitch than level two.

www.rightbankmusic.com/2015/07/5-things-that-everyone-who-is-new-to-singing-should-know/ can assist you to learn other male and female singing voices.  The tenor is the hardest male voice to learn and can take you several years of constant practice.

However, the kind of voice you possess determines whether you can sing tenor or not. For example, a person who has a baritone voice cannot sing tenor since his voice has a distinctive design for singing bass.

It’s advisable to use a music teacher to teach you to read tenor notes and to supervise your learning process. You cannot learn how to sing tenor unless you understand to read these musical notes.

According to James Stark in his book on the history of vocal pedagogy, the tenor voice falls between the C and C3 scales, an octave that is below the middle C and A above A4. These scales vary depending on whether you are singing low or high tenors.

An amateur will take long to sing the tenor voice as you need an in-depth understanding of these notes and scales. You should begin by identifying the vocal range of your tenor voice.

However, you may only be able to match some of the notes your coach plays. This exercise will assist your teacher to determine where your tenor falls and train you accordingly.

Warm up vocals are essential vocal exercises for singing tenor. A series of breathing exercises will assist you to open the airway of your vocal chords.

You need to familiarize yourself with low octave tenor musical notes first as you model your voice appropriately. These are the techniques that most instructors use, but you can teach yourself to learn tenor using these three simple tips.

1. Determine that your voice is not baritone but a tenor. It implies that you have to match notes that fall between the C scales and the middle C. A keyboard can assist you to achieve this objective with a lot of ease.

2. Read music that will help you to sing tenor. You can use a singing dummies guide to get a better understanding of musical scales and notes.

You always sing tenor to sheet music which has five lines and four spaces.In case this confuses you, the reason is that you don’t have enough expertise in a challenging singing style such as the tenor.

3. Finally, you can join a local choir or singing group. Most choir performances use a high pitch which is excellent for singing tenor. You can get more tips on how to train your voice to sing tenor from

You should never give up with your endeavor of learning to sing tenor. It takes extensive practice to getting to sing high octaves, and tenor may take you several years. As an aspiring musician, you should have the confidence of singing various musical styles.