Singing Tips: Understanding the Best Posture for Singing

singing-tipsIn the modern world that is full of information, you could be searching for that single tip that can assist you produce a purer tone or gain a little higher range. One of my music mentors referred me on this site where I found information on music tips and techniques.

In this article, I only chose to discuss one aspect of music which is ‘posture.’ However, you can gather more information if you spare some time and visit the website.

Whether you are an experienced vocalist who is looking to set your voice on a higher level or a novice singer who is striving to develop or improve a budding voice, you should always search for a unique singing tip that can work wonders for your voice.

In this quest, you may end up overlooking some of the basic fundamental tips that can enhance your voice greatly.

One of the simplest tips that you should not overlook is posture. Position is critical because it affects several aspects of your body.

As a middle-school student, your teacher should have been reminding you to sit upright always. Most of our mothers would also remind us not to slouch while dining. These words carry a lot of wisdom, especially to any vocalist.

First, the spine alignment can affect your neck joints, shoulder, and hip joint. This in turn affects the strain you put on those joints and the muscles.

The strain in turn affects the joint it connects to and the muscles that are adjacent to it making posture to be a ‘domino effect’ to the whole body.

This domino effect can either improve or hinder the quality of voice for a vocalist. You can find a few tips on how to use proper posture while singing from this link

Posture can have profound effects on your voice. Just think of the effects that ‘slouching’ or improper posture can have on your body. You will not that you push your shoulders forward as you slouch.

The torso will hutch over forward and this will force the rib cage to compress your stomach among other digestive organs.

As a vocalist, this compression will reduce the space the diaphragm requires to expand completely. The diaphragm allows your lungs to expand hence providing necessary and adequate breath support during singing.

You will relieve any tension on the neck and shoulder muscles if you practice proper posture. Standing upright will open up your abdomen to allow the expansion of the chest cavity for proper breath support and will also open up your air stream through the trachea.

Making maximum use of breath projection will enhance projection and improve the quality of your vocal tone.

Improving posture is a simple singing tip that can have profound effects on the quality of your voice. It can also help individuals who are beginning to learn how to sing.

The best way to check on your posture as to stand upright in an anatomical position. It implies you have to stand flat-footed on a level surface while your arms are to the sides.

In this position, your body may feel as if it is not aligned properly. However, as you rise up on the tip of your toes, you may feel your back arching slightly while your shoulders move backwards.

This is the best position for body alignment and will assist you to improve the quality of your voice. In conclusion, proper posture is key to singing as it builds breath support and strengthens the muscles that enhance your singing.