Singing Tips: Understanding the Best Posture for Singing

singing-tipsIn the modern world that is full of information, you could be searching for that single tip that can assist you produce a purer tone or gain a little higher range. One of my music mentors referred me on this site where I found information on music tips and techniques.

In this article, I only chose to discuss one aspect of music which is ‘posture.’ However, you can gather more information if you spare some time and visit the website.

Whether you are an experienced vocalist who is looking to …

Tenor Learning Tips for Beginners

tenor-tips A tenor is the male high pitch vocal that singer’s use in musical arrangements like Broadway and Opera musicals. Professionals divide this vocal tone into tenor one and tenor two where lower one requires a much lower pitch than level two. can assist you to learn other male and female singing voices.  The tenor is the hardest male voice to learn and can take you several years of constant practice.

However, the kind of voice you possess determines whether you can sing tenor or not. For example, a person …

Common Mistakes that Upcoming Singers Make on Stage

singer on stageAs an artist, there is no way you will succeed in your singing career unless you understand some of the common novice mistakes your counterparts make and learn to correct them. You cannot work on something that you are not aware.

This article presents the common errors that upcoming artists make on stage. However, you can visit if you wish to gain more knowledge in the music industry.

Not knowing the upcoming song

There is nothing that is as bad as not knowing the next song during a performance. …

Best Home Use Karaoke Machine Reviews

karaokeYou can revolutionize your home entertainment environment if you get the best karaoke machine. Such a device combines your family members and friends with modern technology.

Several singing devices are in the market that will allow you to have intimate duets or wild parties within a home setting.

This article attempts to handle karaoke machine reviews for your home entertainment. Most modern karaoke machines have internet features that add a lot of fun to them. Everyone wants to be a singing star irrespective of the age.

The right piece of …

How to start your singing career

Singer, stage, talent.Having a successful singing career is what most amateur singers dream of on a daily basis.

Imagine being able to be paid to do what you love and not have to worry about going to a boring office job, just to be able to make enough money to pay for your singing lessons.

Being a professional singer is a highly competitive career path to take and it is important that you understand what you need to do in order to achieve your goals, before giving up your day job.

Here …